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Cinzia Milite- so close no matter how far Bookcity 2015
Cinzia Milite certificate
Milite Cinzia certificate
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Dearest and dearest, I would like to take advantage of this space to tell you something about myself:
I have been a teacher and director of a nursery school, I write books for children and adults. I love drawing, cooking, dancing and singing, but my greatest passions are reading, writing and rock music.
I have received several recognitions and prizes in literature competitions:
.2007 AwardMontessori.
.2011 Award "One in five choose your book", S. Croce sull'Arno Library.
.2011National Poetry Festival by and for Children of S.Pellegrino Terme.
.2012 National CompetitionChildhood special.
.2012 The house of Fantasy, Borgomanero Library (NO)
.2013 AwardCard Houses, Bellinzona Cantonal Library.
.2019 Finalist at the Amici di Ron International Poetry Prize. 
.2020 The story "When it's destiny it's destiny" wins the "R come Romance" literary competition promoted by Edizioni del Loggione.
.2020The story "Gypsy" wins the notice of publication of the Literary Contest "Traveller Profession" by Idrovolante Edizioni.
.2020 The story "Alright" wins the notice of publication of the Literary Prize "Note d'ink" published by the publishing house "Le Mezzelane" and "Read and Play".
.2021The story "The Runes of Destiny" wins the selection for publication
"ISEAF Books"
.2021Special Jury Prize "International Prize for Unpublished Poetry Ossi di Seppia"
.2021 Award "Street Poems" Rudis Editions 
.2022Honorable Mention "Giselda Rosati" National Award"Moby Dick Danko"
. 2023Vastness Happens2nd place "Green Poetry"
I am periodically invited toschools and inlibraries to meet young readers.
I dedicate my children's stories to my son Diego and to all young growing minds!


Cinzia Milite meeting with the writer. Lycèe international Saint Germain en Laye
Cinzia Milite
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