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Mrs. B's gift.
Lorenzo is a boy who loves to spend the Christmas holidays with his friends getting up to mischief. In order to have fun he also neglects his grandmother, who just wants a little of his company. But this time, on the morning of January 6th, a magical event happens: the mysterious Mrs. B. - an elderly lady who lives in the same building as her grandmother - something mysterious falls from her coat pocket...
Libro Il regalo della Signora B
Under the Same Sun book
Under the same sun

a fantastic journey to remote black Africa, to discover true values.


Martino is a lucky child: he lives in a large villa, has many toys, and even has a driver who takes him to school. Life has offered him much more than what his companions have, yet he is always dissatisfied.

He seems to enjoy himself only by playing cruel pranks, he surrounds himself with false friends so as not to be alone, he immediately gets bored of what is around him.

Then one day something unexpected will happen: an incredible journey will take him far away, to remote black Africa. And in that harsh and wonderful land, Martino will meet someone special, who will teach him the true value of friendship.

Because we all live... under the same sun.

Book Diego Cortes and the day out of time

This book was made

with Easyreading font.

 Diego Cortes and the day out of time

story about friendship and love for our Earth


A modern story that addresses the most burning current problems and the themes of modernity with its limits and degradation, offering human-scale solutions, new values for a more dignified and sustainable world, through the adventures of a boy named Diego Cortes, student of this time, unaware descendant of the extraordinary Mayan people and their culture.



His name is Diego Cortes. He is twelve years old, since the age of five, since his parents mysteriously disappeared on board a small plane, he has lived with his grandmother; an eccentric old lady descended from the ancient Mayan people.

A thousand questions crowd Diego's mind:

"Why is grandma acting so strangely?"

"Why can no one have access to their house and their mysterious garden?".

In that incredible home he will discover that he loves nature more than ever and that he possesses inexplicable talents that will take him to a distant world. Over there, where time has stopped, he will experience a breathtaking adventure that will give a new meaning to his life.



illustrated album Colapesce
Illustrated book

Nicola, known as Cola, was a boy who was crazy about the sea. He spent his days swimming in the foamy waves or exploring the seabed, until one day, instead of legs he found himself with fins. He was very happy with what happened, in the guise of half man and half fish, he would have fulfilled his dream: that of swimming far and wide in the beloved sea, immersing himself in the deepest abysses. The fishermen began to call him Colapesce and the reputation of a skilled swimmer reached the ears of the king of Messina who put him to the test by challenging him in a great and dangerous undertaking...

Who will be Miss Farm?
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